Secure Payment

AXMSports has partnered with PayPal to ensure the security of payments.

AXMSports has chosen to ensure the safety of payments through PayPal, using encryption of the connection during transmission over the network.

The name PayPal may appear in the account statement sent by the customer's bank.

We ask our customers to note that, in case there are suspicions of fraud relating to a specific payment, it may be canceled without notice.

AXMSports offers its customers a number of payment: credit card (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard ...), bank transfer, PayPal and Giro.

As for payment by credit card, you are charged four days after the validation of the order, provided that he has been authorized by the competent banking organizations, without which the order is void.

N.B. The payment of the order through PayPal is subject to a percentage commission on the payment due to the costs of the system itself.

Clients who choose this method of payment is fully aware of the application of this rate as the choice to protect themselves on the order is personal and is not bound by
our systems.

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